What I do


What I do

The short answer is: I'm trying to figure it out.

The long answer, written in a manifesto on September 29, 2017:

I decided to quit my last job to pursue something else. I haven't talked about it until now because I was not sure what "something else" is. I've realized that three months later, I still don't.

I don't think I ever will find one single title or label that encompasses all that I want to do and that I'm good at. I'm good at digital strategy, communication, writing (both in English and in Swedish), lecturing (like about the effects of digitalization and automation, or giving motivational nudges in perspective) and facilitating workshops. I'm a good sounding wall for tech and communication projects. I'm good at seeing patterns and connecting the dots. I've moderated four times now and want to become better at it. When it comes to online tools and tech I'm a little bit of a MacGyver. 

I'm more inspired by Martijn Aslander, who lets people and organizations pay what they think his services are worth afterwards, than by people who invoice every meeting they have and make more money than they ever will have time to spend. I'm more interested in exploring and creating something new, than in how rich it will make me. I'd rather see someone else realize and profit off an idea I have, than sit on it until that "someday" that never arrives. I want honest and transparent relations, like my work with Åsa Caap around Personal PR, or with Maria Fabricius and Number10 where sometimes I'm a sounding wall, sometimes a paid lecturer and always get to learn something new and use my creativity. 

A few things I've done that I'm proud of: 
#digikollo, the unburnference that Ulrika Schreil and I arranged for the second year. 30 people hung out for a weekend and exchanged ideas and inspired each other, and it was as cheap as it was awesome when it comes to conferences.

The copy both for the English and Swedish versions of the job ad for the next Billion Dollar Nose at The Absolut Company.

Bögministeriet, the gayest podcast that me and my friends are doing for the sixth year, and that has helped quite a few people come to terms with who they are.

The lecture about personal development, life-long learning and digital communication that I gave at Piteå: Digital, where I talked to the students for six hours and their feedback gave me the courage to keep going (thank you everyone, especially Markus Odevall). 

The next scary thing I'm doing is thanks to Susanne Fuglsang, who saw potential in my story and helped me create a perspective nudge with the headline "Grades, potential and life-long learning: insights from a career without a high school diploma" (yeah, I don't have one of those).

I'm inspired by people Paulina Modlitba Söderlund, who designs her life with active choices without straying from her moral compass and makes such great things that I sometimes am a little intimidated, or by Stefan Hyttfors who helps organizations navigate towards what I would summarize as "sustainability, purpose and conscious capitalism" even when it means saying things that make them boo and discard him in their minds. Or Joakim Jardenberg, who does so many great things and educates people with so much patience that I sometimes suspect he's a robot sent from the future to help us navigate these times. 

I'm not interested in playing the game where I pretend to have more answers than questions, where I have everything figured out and a five-year plan in place. I want to spend more time on fun and rewarding things, and enable people who do things not just for their own gain, but also for the world, whether that is helping a person or improving our commons. I want to stop counting hours and dollars, and start counting meaningful conversations I have, inspiring persons I meet and connections I help create that in turn create good things. 

Posting this is scary as hell, but in the choice between "live in love" and "live in fear", I choose the former (thanks for that inspiration, Jonathan Milläng, I'm so glad we met). 

I realize how privileged I am who has an opportunity to explore this, and I'm so grateful for my network, my family (where I include my friends) and my supporting and loving partner Michael Pirret.

I can't answer the question "what do you do for work?" easily, nor do I have a set price tag, but if any of this piqued your interest, send me a message and let's have a coffee or lunch.

If you're wondering what I'm currently up to, you can check out my real time status at status.kazarnowi.cz 


Who I am

Who I am

I'm left handed. I'm taller than the average American male, but shorter than the average Swede. I've got a deep voice that people often tell me is suited for radio. Once, a taxi driver in Chicago asked my boyfriend "Is that his real voice?" (if you want to hear a sample, here's a link). On the Political Compass, I'm economic left and social libertarian. My personal motto is "Be honest and do good shit. Be open, generous and connected."

Me in random numbers:

 For more statistics in real time, visit  status.kazarnowi.cz

For more statistics in real time, visit status.kazarnowi.cz

I'm a transhumanist, a hobby biohacker and a Scientific Pantheist. I have a Kevin Bacon number of 3. I rarely think of my biological age (I'm born August 6 1977), instead I divide my life into different eras, or avatars if you will – I'm currently on my seventh one – and one of the consequences is that I have not thought "I'm too old for this" yet. 

If you're interested in biological specifics, here's my full genome as mapped by 23andme


Get in touch

Get in touch

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