What do you do with a spiritual entertainer? Think of me as an agent provocateur for your mind and soul, if you have one. I can be the Mad Hatter to your Alice, the Morpheus to your Neo, the Tala to your Moana (that's Vaiana if you're in Europe), or the Anath to your Tuon. But don't worry, I'm not one of the Forsaken (at least not that I know of). 

I have over 15 years of experience as speaker, educator and lecturer. I'm comfortable in both English and Swedish, as well as with large audiences. Below, you see a few of the lectures and workshops. I also take small, private groups on adventures. Think of it as climbing Mount Everest for your mind. Just contact me and we'll see if we like each other. It's important to like each other when you set out on one of these adventures.

Would a real AI be vegan?

A journey that starts by looking at AI and teaches the audience about the difference between algorithms, robots, AI, AGI - the basics of AI, really, before it dives into consciousness and what it really means to be alive and human.

Are we cyborgs, or are we dancers?

This lecture takes everything you knew about digitalization, the information age and internet, and reconnects the dots in new ways to bring fresh perspective. What has digitalization done with us as individuals, organizations and society? How can individuals and organizations successfully navigate the new landscape? You might discover that you too are a cyborg, and you'll most likely gain a bigger understanding around what the Internet really is. You'll also get an overview of trends that will impact the future a lot, such as AR/VR, wearables, AI and automation.

Who and why am I?

A motivational lecture where the participants get tools and questions to look at their full potential as human and colleague. Perfect for a kick-off or as part of a big change such as re-organization. Can be combined with a workshop where the participants get to work with their own questions.


A talk about storytelling from a personal and organizational perspective. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our organization have the power to make us heroes or villains, geniuses or doofuses, Lucky Lukes or Debbie Downers. These stories can help us succeed, or stand so much in our way that we never even try. Can be combined with a workshop where the participants get to work on their own personal or professional stories.

The greatest story ever lived

Whether you're leading or following through change, you can make the journey easier or harder for yourself and others. This is a lecture containing the ten most important insights about living through and leading change, that I've found so far.

10 insights about change